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door-to-door waste collection at apartment communities makes the news in the popular NAA trade magazine, "UNITS"

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Study the data and ignore the hype when it comes to measuring success...

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Why use us? Compliance Depot Vendor ID: 535542 | RMIS: 292317

In general, property amenities provide added benefit to residents, but NOT OFTEN does that same service provide equal benefit to ownership or management.

As you seek to increase the percentage of occupancy, unsecured trash can ruin your image. These things do matter. Managing waste brings daily headaches, and compactor areas are difficult to keep clean. One blowing cigarette butt or one stray can cost you a lease!

In addition, residents have to haul their garbage across the parking lot by hand or on top of a trunk - every day, rain or shine! Best of all, we provide you with a supplemental income along with reducing your net operating expense!

Trash valet services have constantly been voted the #1 community amenity. According to recent surveys, 76% of tenants in the US said they wanted doorstep trash removal. Trash valet services are great all-inclusive benefits that communities can use as selling points for their properties.

As members of the National Apartment Association & the Bay Area Apartment Association, we strive to do what is in the best interest of both Residents and Management. After all, making the lives of your residents and staff easier is immensely valuable to resident retention and your bottom line. Tampa Bay Trash is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accelerated Waste Solutions. AWS’s services are Specialized, Considerate, and Dependable!

Here are the rewards of those we serve:

Property Management or Ownership

  Resident Advantage

According to a recent national study, "full service trash removal is one of the most requested luxuries residents want in their apartment community”. Not only does full service trash removal expand your amenity package, it also differentiates your property and gives you a competitive edge. Best of all, Tampa Bay Trash provides you with a supplemental income stream along with reducing your net operating expense!

• #1 Community Amenity

Supplemental Income Stream

• Increased NOI

• Clean grounds and Breezeways

• No unsightly or foul odor dumpster areas

• No Up-Front Costs

• Start service any time of the year

• Improved tenant retention rates

• Reduction of costs of high turnover
• Expanded amenity offerings

• Differentiate yourselves from competing

• Tenants of all property types value valet
   trash service - Class A, B and C

• Reduction of total waste costs for property

• Service and Price options that fit your
   business model and budget
• Convenient multi-night pick-up

• Property Management Orientation

• Tenant orientations

• Maintenance Supervisor consultation

Bulk Item Pick-Up

• Compactor Services Available


AWS makes "taking out the trash" hassle free! Residents will now have the ease of simply dropping their trash into a receptacle right by their door. They no longer have the inconvenience of walking to a far away dumpster or the struggle of carrying heavy loads of garbage down long flights of stairs. What was once a dirty job is now your #1 amenity!

• Convenience – no more carrying loads
   of trash to a far away dumpster

• Safety – no more late night trips through
   the parking lot or carrying heavy trash  
   down the stairs

• Crime Deterrent – uniformed
   attendants on property during peak crime   

• Better living environment: enhanced
   beautification of Property and immediate
   living area

• Never Purchase a trash can again: TBT
   stamped containers also act as kitchen  
   garbage receptacles

• Service managed by property management

• Conv
enient multi-night pick up serving       Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Jacksonville, Austin, Atlanta, Houston,Dallas-Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, San Diego, Charlotte, Nashville-Davidson, Raleigh, & Arlington.